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The SOCRATES Online – Northern Star Online (NSO) partnership provides more than 100 high quality online and blended course options for high school students and member schools. This online school features semester, trimester and quarter start and end dates that can be flexible to accommodate school district calendars. SOCRATES Online students are supported by both teachers and learning coaches.



SOCRATES Online has officially partnered with Northern Star Online (NSO) to offer online course options for students. The two programs will be combined and feature a single course catalog and registration process. NSO will administer the online programming including hosting the courses and providing teaching staff. SOCRATES will continue to provide member and student support services including principal and counselor technical and advisory assistance, learning coach support for online students and their parents, and direct billing to school districts that significantly reduces the tuition costs compared to the state process. SOCRATES will maintain its Online Advisory committee for members to help determine programming and policy.

For More Information Please Contact:

Dave Paschke
Technology and Learning Consultant


National Online and Blended Teaching CertificationLeading Edge Online and Blended Certification

SOCRATES has partnered with Leading Edge Certification (LEC), an organization of nonprofits, universities and educational agencies to bring a national certification program to Minnesota and the Midwest in educational technology and curriculum innovation. LEC is the first national certification program of its kind and is platform and vendor neutral. The online 10-week training course gives teachers national certification for online and blended teaching. The cost of the training is $450.

Cohorts typically start during the first two weeks of June, last week of September and last week of January.

NOTE: The February 2016 Cohort, originally planned to start on Feb. 3, will now begin March 9, 2016.

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