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Student and Family Handbook

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  • Review considerations for enrolling in online learning (this information is also available in the Student and Family Handbook). Carefully think about making the commitment to register for online learning by reviewing the expectations for online participation, receiving parental or guardian support, and reviewing the technical requirements.
  • Meet with your high school counselor to discuss your academic schedule and confirm that the online course will apply to your plan for graduation at your school.
  • Review the online courses available through SOCRATES Online. There are courses scheduled throughout the year and are listed as fall or spring semester classes.
  • Log in to the Online Registration system. In this system you will create a student account and request a course(s). Your parents and counselor will be alerted by email that you have requested a course and will be asked to verify and affirm your request for online learning through the Genius system.
  • Finalizing registration. Everyone (your counselor, your parent and you) will all be sent an automatic email confirming that your enrollment in the course is complete once your counselor, parent, and the SOCRATES enrollment coordinator have signed off on your request.

  • Enrollment is complete! You will be contacted about acceptance into the online course and be given instructions on how to begin your online course(s).
  • AP Exams require a separate registration and payment.  Please meet with your school counselor after registering for Advanced Placement courses to learn more about scheduling and taking AP exams.

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