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Welcome to SOCRATES Online, a supplemental online learning program that offers you online courses in addition to the courses you take at your local school.student

Online education is an exciting new learning opportunity that lets you “take the wheel” of your education. Just as planning a trip requires you to choose which roads to follow, and when to follow them, online learning offers the same decisions—which courses to take and when to log in and work on them.

An exciting feature of taking this journey is there are no speed limits, and it is safe to go as fast as you’d like as long as you fuel up at all the learning stations and follow your tour guide.

Please note that your online trip will be much more successful if you follow some traffic advisories:

  • Travel every day. Don’t let yourself get behind. Online courses aren’t easy. Learning takes effort. Be persistent – it is the most reliable quality that contributes to your success.
  • Don’t take shortcuts. They will shortcut your education. Remember that your future bank account (and chance to buy that really fancy car) depends on today’s habits of study.
  • Pay attention to your tour guides. Your online learning teacher is an expert who knows all the best places to stop and explore, and how to get the best value for your travel dollar.
  • Honk if you need help. The most successful online learners are those who ask questions. Let your online teachers give a personal tour. They really like that! Your local online learning site facilitator (school counselor) and SOCRATES Online staff can also come to your assistance.
  • Enjoy the scenery. Online learning can take you to interesting and engaging places. Your teacher has linked your coursework to different sites and learning objects designed to make your journey even better.
  • Tire yourself out. The best trips are those packed with the adventures that only come from total engagement.

If you need roadside services, contact Sue Zarn, SOCRATES Online Student Services Coordinator. She’s a great source of assistance who can be reached at or 507-340-6285

Thanks for traveling with us. We hope the journey is a good one!


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